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I have been working with global clients for the past 3 years and was associated with BusinessPro Designs Pvt. Ltd. and Ogma IT Conceptions Pvt. Ltd. After successfully working as Business Consultant with these organizations, I felt there is something missing in my life. Although I had a great time working with some great people in both these organizations, I walked my way out of the corporate world in search of something new. I recently started my journey as a Freelance WordPress Developer and I am loving it. Quitting a full time day job wasn’t easy for me. But, working on your own has it’s own flavour. Feel free to connect with me. I’d love to be given the opportunity to hear from you.

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  • I was skeptical to hire a freelancer when I needed one for the first time. I talked to probably 30 freelancers, but when I talked to Aravinda, I just felt like he got it. After hiring him, he really treated the project as if it were his. He’s got a great deal of common sense too, which many freelancers lack. Most importantly, Aravinda is one of the most honest guys I have ever met. His number one goal is to impress each and every client.

    – Ryan Coretz |Founder/CEO|Freelance Worldwide, LLC

  • It is a pleasure to work with Aravinda. If he is doing your project, you don’t need to monitor him. I highly recommend him. Thanks Aravinda

    – Paul, USA

  • After working with so many developers and not satisfied, I was a little sceptical to outsource projects. When I spoke with Aravinda, I decided to get my project done by him. He is knowlegeable and delivers on time.

    – Mark, Canada

  • What i like most about Aravinda is his flexibility. He is available for you anytime you request him. He treats your project as his own baby. I wish him all the best in his endeavour. Cheers.

    – Jose, USA

  • Aravinda was quick to respond to my job posting, willing to provide an exemplar prior to being hired, and followed through with excellent web design work. His main focus was planning to ensure there was no time or resources wasted on any form of miscommunication. Will definitely keep him as my “go to” web designer for future projects.

    – Kyle, Canada

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